Fun In Utopia

by Hakara

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The second and title track from the A-Side of our new EP, Fun In Utopia.


I tore my self apart every single day, waiting.
You said you would stay here, you swore you wouldn't leave me.
But push came to shove, and bags packed out the door she went.
She said she couldn't do it, she said love was a burden.
Bur she felt unstable and so lost without it see.
I remember the emptiness, I feel it in me frequently.
I remember the comfort I found from the bleeding.
The thrill drove me onward, it made me feel stronger but.
From time to time, I'd fall too deep inside of it.
The madness takes over, and nothing can suffice it.
Falling deeper and deeper inside of my head.
I grow weary and tired, and am filled with regret.
There's a hole in my head, and its seemingly bottomless.
It's seemingly bottomless!

(Instrumental break)

To live, to die, there's not much difference to me.
Buried by the thought that maybe death will set me free.
And I will not, take credit for the things I haven't done.
There may still be hope for us yet!
There may still be hop for us yet!
There may still be hope for us, death, death set me free from my phobias.
Maybe someday I'll find fun in utopia!

(Instrumental Break)

How you feel, becomes, who you are.
But you cant take this road, in any kind of car.
(Your bound to loose control)
If we can learn, to see in similar ways.
We can find love, we can find grace.

(Instrumental Break)

If we succumb to life, it will bring us down,
if we get lost inside, as the cycle goes round.
When all your walls, come crashing down,
just close your eyes, and enjoy the sound.
And when you want out, you'll waste no time,
cause you've gone to far, to draw the line.
We will loose our hearts, we will loose our heads,
if we dwell too much, on past regrets.

The time is now, to start again, cause what we have is gone,
and I can't pretend.
I don't miss you here, and its hard to say, what lies ahead,
in future days.


released February 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Hakara Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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